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We take premium, fat, juicy chicken wings and brine them for DAYS to ensure they are tender and moist, then we lightly season and use the 'sous vide" method to cook them to perfection, finish them in our fryer, for a crispy delicate skin,  then dredge in dry rub or one of our house made signature sauces to ensure you get the best wings that money can buy! 

~ Choose ~

Dry Rubs

Naked Wings
Dill Pickle

Everything Bagel

Moroccan Harissa

Five Spice

Cool Ranch

Chipotle Lime 

Jamaican Jerk 

Lemon Pepper 


Greek Souvlaki


Wet Rubs

Filipino Adobo
Buffalo Bleu Cheese

Coconut Curry

Classic Buffalo

Honey Ginger

Filipino Adobo 

Honey Buffalo 

Parmesan & Garlic 

Sweet Thai Chili

Honey Sriracha 

Spicy Bourbon BBQ

Nashville Hot

Carolina Hot

Sticky Sesame 

Szechuan Lavender

Korean Gochujang 

Maple Habanero 

Mango Habanero

Nuclear Ass-Blaster! 

Don't forget to add one of our signature sauces for dipping or drizzling!

Chcken Wing Platter
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